December 11, 2010

Turnagain Update

Turnagain Pass again had very little to no wind, ideal winter temperatures in the teens to low twenties.  Glade snow is still the best, though the alpine snow quality is catching up.  Some light flurries blew in and out over the day.

Our December day offered 5 hours 35 minutes between sunrise and sunset, but there was plenty of daylight to wend our way toward exhaustion.  J-Rock and yours truly spent 6 hours 40 minutes on skis, starting the day with an ambitious objective of Sharkfin and settling for laps on Eddies.  We luckily happened to depart the parking area with Ron and Todd, and they helped us find our way across Ingram Creek.   They were headed for Wolverine.  Our plan was a lap on Eddies and then over to Sharkfin.  We stayed on Eddies, and we heard some happy hollering over on Sharkfin.

Ingram Creek with a lot of open water
Cutting Eddies Bowl

Tincan Sunset


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