December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010!

Mount Gordon Lyon was sunny and warm with its temperature inversion hovering above Anchorage.  The wonderful winter weather was contrasted by the breakable crust snow.  By a good margin, today's breakable crust was the toughest of the season. 
Worried about Arctic Valley
Would ski packing this slope keep it from blowing away?
My daughter and I made a Christmas afternoon lap up and down Mt. Gordon Lyon under the winter sun.  Snow conditions were downright tough, but tougher than the conditions was that young woman who paced me up the hill.  Up she went, called by the sunshine without a whisper of wind. 
Blue Sky, Sunshine
With effort, we cranked a few telemarks through the crust.  The descent had me muttering, but nary a complaint from my partner.  All rosy cheeked and cheery she was, a bright and inspiring soul that one.
Temperature was increasing, 15F at departure, 25F on our sunset return.  No wind.  Snow was crusty icy breakable crust.
Princess of the Chugach

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