December 4, 2010

Blustery South Fork

Fresh snow on the Anchorage Front Range beckoned and we dutifully went there.  DP's recent move to Los Anchorage and nascent Front Range untracked experience were enough, though the fresh 4 (at Stuckagain) were helpful in our decision making:  North, South, or East?  We chose slightly north and a little east, up Hiland Road at the South Fork trailhead with a few kindred spirits.

South Fork was calm and almost clear early on and, though we had hoped for more, had the same fresh 4.  And as the hours passed, the wind grew stronger. By the last climb, the southern gale was tolerable on the protected climb, but the ridge top had a too-breezy ambiance for this old skier.  The skiing was worthy of laps, but the base was noisy for about one third of the descent; it almost sounded like rockage, it was just the Thanksgiving Rain Crust objecting to our edges scraping the icy layer.  It was good to get some laps, and DP seemed to appreciate the Front Range for what it is.  A Front Range day with no rockage is right up there. 

We saw 8 other glisse enthusiasts on South Fork - I need some help with the place name.  With a little sadness, I related to my friend:  25 years ago, one never saw another skier/rider up there.  The sadness comes not from other riders at this blustery place, but it comes from 25 years having past - Auld Lang Syne.

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