December 10, 2010

Revisiting Todd's in Powder

Jill Fredston's story of Todd dying at his namesake bowl is haunting, and when J-Rock mentioned Todd's as a possible objective, the thought of Jill's story was unsettling.  But, conditions were good, crew was good, weather was good, snow was good, Todd's Bowl was good. 

Matt was OK with testing the slope, so Jon and I watched him descend with smoke-like contrails.  We descended the bowl and traversed back to the 'front side'.
Gotta be fast to record Matt

J-Rock ready to try Todd's

Temperatures in the teens with no wind.  The skies lightly snowed from time to time and visibility was in and out.  The glades held the best snow, but Todd's Bowl was very good in most places with an occasional crusty area.  Abundant avalanche debris fanned out below most of the north facing couloirs of Tincan ridge. 


Matt said...

Yeah Jack! Great day!

Billy said...

That's two beers I owe you guys for 2 ski cuts!
Just a note passed down to me from others who have skied Todd's Run with Viking: when you ski the run go a long ways down the valley to the bump that is at the base of the valley (visible in your 4th pic). Apparently the danger of Todd's Run is the vast amount of debris if the slide propagates. The bump down valley is one of the few safe zones.