August 31, 2012

Cindy's Blue Ribbon - Harvest Moose Epilogue

Judges at the Palmer Fair agree with us:  she's a winner!  Blue ribbon for the best snap peas in the fair.  She's the snap pea princess, grower of Alaska 2012 state champion snap peas.  Congratulations, Cindy!

The Ski Haus proprietress hangs marigold baskets on the garden fence posts - bugs and moose (we prayed) don't like the smell and stay away.  Along with bending the fence over, chomping the peas, and breaking a couple of flower baskets, the moose apparently made off with one of the flower baskets.  I found the marigolds and root-bound dirt from the basket, but no basket with its wire hanger.  If you see a bull moose with a flower basket tangled up in his antlers, you have found the moose that plundered the peas.

August 30, 2012

Harvest Moose

The proprietress of Cindy's Ski Haus planned on entering her carefully tended peas in the classic Alaska State Fair in Palmer, Alaska.  Today was the day that the mistress gardener would enter her first vegetable contest.  As fate would have it, a member of the local moose herd visited the garden last night and found the garden fence no hinderence to plundering the garden patch. 

But, the big ungulate left a few pea pods, and Cindy bravely selected her best remaining pea specimens and entered them in the fair.  She entered carrots and tomatoes, too.  We'll wait to see the Palmer fair judgment, but she's won our hearts forever.