October 18, 2013

Fran's View of Sam's Secret

Fran's videography is a sweet testament to the "Gifts of Spring".  Thank you, Fran and Sam.  Skiing with your family has been a joy.

Soon, we'll be setting our ski track up and floating in powder back home.  Kindred spirits, we are.

Sleeping Sweetly with Knee Repair

Can't recall sleeping so soundly - a medical marvel.  Another medical marvel is the minimal intrusion of current arthroscopic practices of meniscectomy and loose body removal. Compared to the solution for similar symptoms in the 1970's, today's procedure was almost restful.  In my 1970's meniscus job, I had an overnight hospitalization leaving me with a 6" incision, a lot of pain, and inability to walk without crutches.

This morning, I went to the surgery center at 6 a.m., got an IV, answered questions from a few nurses and anesthetists, laid down on a table and went to sleep.  I woke up an hour and a half later, feeling rested, and walked out, ok I actually limped out, at 10:30 a.m., but with no more pain than I limped in with.

The nap was nice.  Hope the limp improves.

October 17, 2013

What to think

A new facebook group:  Alaska  Backcountry Ski Addiction was created. The group's originator made this post:
"This group is dedicated to all things related to skiiing the great Alaska backcountry, which means generally human powered endeavors... though some times the utilization of fossil fuel combustion must be utilized. Occasional posts about local ski areas are OK, but be forewarned if you post about your awesome heli trips here we will sneak into your garage and set your binding DIN to 3. Pics, vids and cool links welcome and desired, lets just stay focused."

I can't help wondering about implications of the group dedication:

Human powered skiing is good, and driving to the trail head in your all wheel drive gasoline or diesel-fueled rig is ok. Heli is bad. Ski plane trip to Mount Marcus Baker, summit of the Chugach, bad or good? Trip to the Tordrillos, Neocolas, or Talkeetnas - ok if fixed wing, bad if heli? How about getting there by snow machine, bad or good? And what about a boat trip to skin up from and ski down to Prince William Sound?  Snowcat? Pistenbully-groomed skate trails, ban those posts? How about posts about traveling by jet to Alaska to ski here - too much fossil fuel combustion? And what about the skiers who live here because they love to ski, but they fly in a fossil-fueled jet to the beach, or to handle business, or to see family; should they be banned along with the fuel-burning, self-indulging, powder-loving, money-spending, economy-stimulating, ever-smiling heliskiers?

Just wondering :)