December 26, 2010

Pete's Creek

No fresh snow at the Johnson Pass trailhead with temperature of 7 deg F and no wind at 9:30 a.m.  Pete's North had a glide crack with an opening more than 50 feet wide.  The snow pack was only about 2-1/2 feet deep at the wide crack.  Just up valley from the wide glide crack, the snow had avalanched some time ago and run about 600 feet vertical to the valley floor.
Glide Crack - Snowpack thickness from pole tip to my hand
Kyle and yours truly skied back to the Pete's Creek headwaters glacier where we found beautiful powder and sporadic crust patches.  We couldn't resist making a few laps on the Pete's North ridge before heading back to the glacier.  Snow quality above 2500 ft elevation was inconsistent on Pete's North ridge, and below the snow quality was best below tree line.  The temperature was 7 deg at the car when we returned, same as our departure. 
Kyle ready for a sunset ski home

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