December 22, 2010

Campbell Creek Middle Fork

Glen Alps to Stuckagain is an easy 6-mile ski tour with a gross 2200 feet downhill.  Waxless or wax base skis work well with 800 feet of gentle climbing gradients.  An occasional sidestep or herring bone may help in some conditions.  Present conditions are exceptional with plenty of fluffy snow and a very fast track.  We used VR30 kick wax with a little VR40 underfoot.
Campbell Creek South (Main) Fork Bridge

True Telemarkers

Solstice Sunset at Latitude 61N
The trail is unmarked for the most part and some route finding is necessary, especially between the Near Point Trail and Basher.   Eruk, Doc and yours truly made the trip a little longer yesterday by skiing to the Near Point Homestead site and then telemarking down a rugged winter trail.

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