September 21, 2008

The Secret of the Lane

The secret of the Lane ain't no secret. And for good reason - it offers early season powder for the ardent hiker/skier. Kruser, MW, and yours truly trod to the Lane under sweet skies on the last day of summer. About a foot of fresh consolidated on top, but not enough to ski beyond the toe of the glacier. We happily found untracked because we were early. Late in the day a couple dozen other powder seekers joined us, still streaming up as we departed.

The Ski Kommandos were a self-named, earn-your-turns bunch I met in the 1980’s. The Kommandos staked a mining claim, commandeered the old Lane hut, and prospected just enough to avoid the federal torch. The hut still stands near the Lane Prospect, but where are the Kommandos?

Boulder field pain!

Didlikama in the White Room with Black Curtains.

Didlikama, Lord of the Lane, demanded a petex sacrifice to the powder god.

MW telewhacked the Slow Lane.

Kruser enters Life in the Slow Lane.

And the SlowLane fed his ego until the rockage revoked his ticket to powder paradise.

It was a fair trade: petex for powder.