December 23, 2010

Seven Below Superbowl

Seven degrees below zero Fahrenheit was cold enough at our predawn departure for Superbowl from the Cornbiscuit Creek (unnamed on USGS map) trailhead.  Geno and yours truly bundled up and trod up the well worn trail.  With the last snowfall at Turnagain Pass 20 days prior, there are a gazillion tracks, down and up. 
Superbowl Side of Cornbiscuit
Emerging from Darkness
As many tracks as there are, we had no problem finding broken trail for the uptrack and untracked descents.  We toured up Superbowl, planning to spend the day there but succombing to the sunshine, we lapped a sweet south-facing line into Bertha Creek.  We skied out the Bertha Creek drainage, traversing well above the creek to Cornbiscuit's northwest face picking up 20-turn fall line shots of incredibly good snow here and there along the traverse.  We made one final trudge back up the northwest face and skied down to the highway in the dusky alpenglow.

Returning to the car, we found the same temperature as when we departed 6 hours earlier, 7 below.  There was a chilling breeze for much of the day, and I was glad to have an extra layer and big mittens.  The snow quality on Cornbiscuit was exquisite.  We kicked loose sizable sloughs that ran a couple hundred vertical feet.  A few glide cracks are still open and others are filled.  The snowpack upper layers were faceted with zero cohesion. 
Geno in the Warm Solstice Sun

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