December 31, 2010

Kruser's Alyeska

Good conditions at the lifts even with the Kruser scale adjustment.  Markman and Kruser divulged the secrets of North Face untracked pockets.  Creamy top layer with cold snow underneath.  With a one to two tram wait most of the day, the good crew ran the ascension machine back-to-back all day without significant down time.

The Kruser scale adjustment is like Fahrenheit to Celsius; zero C just doesn't feel the same as zero F. Everyone has an individual tolerance, and Kruser has a notoriously high pain threshold.  He is skiing day 76 of this 'season'.  Seventy-six is not a typo.  He shrugs and says that number includes backcountry and skating, like it's only partial credit, and he 'only' has 30 at the lifts. 

Season is another Kruser conundrum because as he loudly proclaims, "It's never over!" He's on consecutive month 293 or something like that, but I've started counting years anyway.  October 2011 will be 25 years of skiing every month consecutively.  Rumor has it this next milestone will be celebrated on skis.

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