March 19, 2010


DP guided yours truly to Tri-Tip, an excellent adventure in the glades above Summit Lake. Above tree line was a vertigo inducing whiteout early in the day, so it was good that we started a little on the late side. Skied til 7 pm.

We ventured only a few hundred feet vertical above the trees and made a few laps down to Tenderfoot Creek.

We rode the northwest aspect in a gale with horizontal snow above treeline. Our tracks filled in with each short 800-ft lap. But below treeline, there was no wind and the large fluffy flakes drifted almost suspended in mid air. The glade was typical Kenai Mountain nirvana, steep rollers with fantisimo go-where-you-want snow. Our tracks kicked off snowball rollers at the bottom of the lap. 37F at the lake when we returned at 7 pm.

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