March 1, 2010

Municipality of Anchorage Weekend

Friday night touring on Anchorage hillside: 8" fresh, ideal winter weather, and a beautiful sunset. Headlamp was handy after 7 pm.

Saturday riding the volunteer-run Arctic Valley antiquated lifts. Two out of three lifts are broke. Conditions were good, line was long. Pleasant 10,000 ft vertical.

Sunday finding the untracked experience on the North Face from Alyeska's tram. Face shots and knee deep at 4:30 p.m. Exhuberent 40,000 ft vertical.

All within, but only a small sampling of the Municipality of Anchorage.


Alaska Jesse said...

Arctic Valley was fun with that 18" they received, however after 5 runs and waiting 25min in line at chair 1, we decided to go venture Hiland area and skied back near Harp Mtn.

Anonymous said...

Jack Dynafit now makes brakes for 130 i believe big enough to fit my skis.

I do not use breaks for weight reasons but today standing on a summit I was very careful to not let my ski slide away. it almost did. so less weight more focus.

I am having a blast on my ski, and so are my friends so I can ensure that you will enjoy them.
enjoy your day