March 14, 2010

Spring Forward Effect?

Twenty-three hour day, I don't know.

Today's session ended with a lecture by a ski patrol. I was mistaken in my belief that they don't mind people traversing from outside into open ski runs.

Geo, WK, and yours truly skinned to the Max's weather station from Timberline Drive. Our ascent stayed well outside of the ski area. They do not want BC riders to cross the boundary regardless of whether the particular run is open or not due to avalanche concerns, etc.

Max's weather station: 26F 4 mph avg

A 2009 US report per Wikipedia claims that workers get injured more often and more severely on the 'spring forward' Monday. We were a day early, but survived the spring forward ski day without injury, save our beaten brows.

But, it was worthwhile with the remarkable snow up high yielding those huge exhuberant smiles all around.

Geo shredded the slough.

WK found the fresh.


Anonymous said...

How'd the 'stokes' hold up? good stuff?

Alaska Robb said...

Tsk tsk Jack, you should have known better :) Glad to see you're out getting some turns! -RK