March 12, 2010

Glen Alps to Stuckagain

The Lazyman Loppet, that tour of the Anchorage Hillside with a net 1400 ft descent, had near perfect trail conditions with a nice ski-set track the whole way through the powdery fluff. Doc and I set out at 5 pm from Glen Alps under clear skies and calm air and made it to Cindy's Ski Hut at Stuckagain in an alpenglowing sunset.

It was a marvelous trip. Cindy taxied Doc and me to Glen Alps where we found no people, but some beautiful downhill ski tracks on Flattop and O'Malley. We made the 2000 ft gross descent to Stuckagain via Chugach State Park Middle Fork Loop, Wolverine Bowl Trails, and Lost Cabin Valley Trails.

It was a great time visiting with Doc and KK who was very kind to pick up Doc at Cindy's Ski Hut. Yours truly extends a heart-felt thanks to our wonderful womenfolk who made our Lazyman Loppet possible.


Alaska Jesse said...

What program are you using to track your routes on the maps you have posted? I recently bought a GPS and wonder if I can download my recorded data. Thanks Jack!


Alaska Jack said...

Hey J48! Glad you're back safe and sound.

I use software called TOPO to draw routes on USGS map images. I've used a GPS for route tracking, but found that disciplined altimeter calibration and frequent checking at prominent landmarks is a great match for GPS tracks.

Many USGS maps of AK are not perfectly matched to GPS coordinates. I've stood on several summits which seem to have a mismatch of a few hundred feet with respect to the USGS map - must be continental drift and AK earthquakes.