March 13, 2010

Greg Hill's Stoke

The Greg Hill Stoke by Dynafit arrived, thank you UPS; very exciting. Geno and yours truly tested the Stokes with a slog on Backdoor Trail and an alpine adventure on Near Point with sastrugi, semi-supportable crust, and why we live to ski: powder. Stoke on.

Geno's 1st STOKED glide

Can't speak for Geno, but I gave the Stoke an A+! With the varied conditions, the Backdoor Trail / Near Point trip proved to be a terrific test. Slogging on the Stokes was like slogging on anything else, but they are very light. The Stokes translated the sastrugi into little pain. The semi-supportable crust was enjoyable on the Stokes; a couple of weeks ago I 'survived' similar snow on my free-heeled rugged touring set up.

Stokes floated through the fluff like a sweet dream, and that was the ascent. Riding the Stokes down evoked a feeling of weightless flight. Twenty-five centimeters early rise of the tip assist the climb, and inject exhilaration into the descent.

Stoke, the Greg Hill signature skis, by Dynafit made the grade: A+

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