March 21, 2010

Rusty Bowl

From a distance, Rusty Bowl looked like wind hardened sastrugi, but it was a classic example of "ya gotta go to know", and it turned out to be much better than it looked. We wondered aloud on the approach whether we could even skin up. Later, MW skinned about as high as possible, and we found some sweet soft snow to ride.

The snow was obviously wind blown, but in the north-facing gully depressions it was soft enough to lay some fun tracks. MW's enthusiastic statement from afar, "It doesn't look that heinous," kept yours truly from bailing to a whiter slope. Glad we kept on.

MW started at Prospect Heights, and I started skinning up at Roger's Lake in Stuckagain, then we met on the trail for a nice spring ski. Stuckagain neighborhood roads were snowy and icy enough for a fast ski home.

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