January 31, 2010

Hi Ho Silver ... Tip!


Silvertip towers over the Six Mile Creek and Summit Lake country, and its flanks host several mines with trails also providing access to a wild place for backcountry skiers.

Dr. Snow and yours truly tried the Silvertip Creek Trail, following it for 1-1/2 miles, and then traversing up the west branch of Silvertip Creek to a beautiful bowl on Peak 4340. Doc and I ascended the east-facing bowl to the false summit just below 4340.

Peak 4340
Silvertip's little brother

Doc and I scaled the sky-line ridge on the left.

This bowl captured our imaginations. Rimey snow at the top gave way to boot top powder.


Dongshow said...

Good work, I love that area, now I'm kicking myself I didn't head down south.

Dante said...

So dumb observation, but I guess it didn't dawn on me that the pointed piniacle were were looking at from the ridge above Raven's is part of the same massive as Silver Tip. In other news, I shouldn't be allowed to look at topo maps before bed time.
Great post Jack, those are some big runs