January 30, 2010

Peninsula Posse

So many choices for great snow! J-Rock reported great conditions at Pete's North; Dante reported great conditions at Summit. Nice folks down at Summit Lake tipped the balance. DP, TelePete, Peter, and lovely Gail made tracks in the sunshine. Blue skies, boot top snow, and friendly folks made for a great day on TelePete's "Raven Ridge."

I'm not sure, but I think Alex at Chugach National Forest may refer to the same location when he mentions Butcher Mountain in the avalanche report. United States Geological Survey labeled a creek nearby, "Butcher", and planted a landmark at 3072 ft el; they call it "Butch." TelePete calls it Raven Ridge.

Yours truly calls it a great line, and I'm sure the Peninsula Posse agrees!

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