January 23, 2010

Turnagain South

Turnagain Pass South has terrific terraine and an off-the-beaten path feel. The heart of the Turnagain Pass self-propelled zone is Tincan Ridge with Eddy's to the north and and Center Ridge and Sunburst to the south. This is the heart of Turnagain for good reason; a snow vortex exists here with incredibly deep and good snow. South has measurably less snow at the road, partly due to its lower elevation, starting at Pete's South, and including Pete's North and Lips. There's no generally defined geographic areas for Turnagain, but the boundary between the heart and the south might be Cornbiscuit.

Cornbiscuit must have 100 tracks on its south face off its mile-long ridge; a couple of the lines off 'biscuit are awe-inspiring and death-defying, truly terrifying (sorry no photos). But, those tracks suggested that the risk-takers who rode these bold lines lived to tell about it. Good on 'em!

Dante staking Pete's North

Dante, Eruk, Ethan, Pete Younger, and yours truly spent the past couple of days in a couple of combinations shredding Pete's North and Lipps. Pete's and Lips have well established trails. but are less travelled than some of the other Turnagain Pass lines.


Pete in the pow

This Pete is younger than Telemark Pete, not that Telemark Pete is old.

DP powder-focused

Who really cares about a blogger's blog, Laura?

Lone powder seeker on Pete's North

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Dante said...

Awesome shots Jack! I stole one for my vanity shot on the Facebook. Hope we can get out and do it all again next weekend.