January 10, 2010


The Mint Glacier reigns over the valley of the Little Susitna River. Other minor glaciers in the area also feeding the Little Su were informally named by old-school Ski Kommandos as Spearmint, Doublemint, Troublemint, Managemint, and Telemint. Seems only fitting that Government Peak should be called Govmint.

Peak 4068

Lots of tracks are around, but the untracked experience is easily available. The base is variable from scritchy wind pack to soft and fluffy with a few areas of breakable, but 4" of hoary powder sits atop all base forms, and skiing is very good.

Gov'mint can be approached from a couple of different parking areas, either the Fishhook (also called Marmot) Trailhead (2700 ft el), or the parking area at Mile 11 (1500 ft el) Hatcher Pass Road. When the lower reaches are skiable, I really like the Mile 11 parking area because it reduces drive time, allows a more direct approach and avoids the busier areas further up the road.

Tracks on Marmot viewed from Gov'mint.

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