January 1, 2010

Happy New Year on O'Malley Peak Trail

The Chugach Front Range above Anchorage is notoriously unreliable for snow quality, yet today surprisingly good snow could be found. Thanks to Eruk's report, I followed his tracks to the saddle on the O'Malley Peak Trail for a good run.

The trail from Glen Alps to the valley floor is rock hard, icy, and uneven. But, snow in the O'Malley Peak Trail gulley is wind-deposited spin drift, and a sharp eye can find a soft fresh line all the way to the valley floor.

An even better line was apparent in the next gully east of the O'Malley Peak Trail. I met a skier heading that way, and after viewing the line from below, regretted not joining him. Nevertheless, skiing in the sunshine on soft snow was a great way to start 2010.

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Ed said...

As always...those who go are the one's in the know. Way to get after it man!