February 5, 2010

Storm at Summit

Blue bird days were almost becoming blase, so we embraced the idea of stormy weather. And although we had scarcely crossed a track all winter, a shot of powder brought cheer.

BJ, Geno, DP, Eruk, Lucky Lucy and yours truly found powder paradise at Lower Summit Lake west side. We ascended the ridge up to peak 3807 above Fresno Mine, and found a few tracks in the bowl, but we found plenty of untracked, too. With the flat light, it really helped having a track to follow in the alpine.

On our first ascent, Lucy found a rabbit's foot. She gnawed and chewed it, and displayed it with great pride. We earlier saw a bald eagle flying low over the forest, perhaps Lucy's treasure was the raptor's scrap. Eruk the Hunter explained that rabbit's feet rarely get eaten, too boney we supposed.

Lucy's lucky find portended the sweet snow we would enjoy. Sweet and stable.

Snow quality was very good overall. Like most ridge tops, it was rocky in places. But, the glades were heavenly and the alpine gullies were terrific.


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