October 31, 2010

That Little Dog

We knew she wouldn't live forever, but did not imagine the grief of her loss.  We look for her, and sometimes think we hear her, but she's gone.

That little dog was smart, and very shy.  But sweeter than shy.  She loved her family, especially her adopted Momma.  She followed her Momma everywhere.

That little dog chased bears away.  Fifteen pounds versus 300, she didn't care, and the bear ran when she came after it, snarling.  Quite a sight, that little dog chasing a big black bear!  She defended her home against moose, too.  She circled and darted, just beyond those sharp hooves, growling and barking.  That little dog never gave in and the moose always lost.

Her eye sight was never too good.  Once, from her perch on the deck, she looked over her queendom and saw an intruder way off.  She charged it full on, hackles up, roaring her little dog attack bark.  She circled and got real quiet.  She sniffed.  Trotted back a-panting, not too proud.  That little dog rushed the lawn tractor.  Remembering brings a tear.  So funny she could be, and so sad we are to say good-bye.

Oh, how we miss her, that little dog.

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Alaska Robb said...

You were a great ski buddy, we'll miss you White Sox!