November 7, 2010

Tincan Traffic

The new season is here and everyone was ready for it.  There must have been 100 glisse enthusiasts on the hill.  A big party, knuckle dragging post-holers drinking beers, wafting aroma of a distinct burning herb - it is traffic on Tincan.  This is to be expected, but the surprise was how few were enjoying the summit bowl, probably due to the low visibility.  But visibility is over rated, and we had the face shots of the upper bowl to ourselves for extraordinary storm skiing.

Tincan snowpack is ahead of schedule with about 6 feet of snow on the summit ridge.  The lower elevations have enough snowpack to knock down the alders.  The snow falling at the road early in the morning became a light rain as the temperature warmed over the day to the high 30's at the road in the afternoon.  Below 2000 ft elevation, the snow was mashed potatoes-like, but the powder on the top 1200 ft was heavenly.

Our party of 6 included BettyJane, Geno, Eruk, mw, Kruser and yours truly.  Of course, with a big group, we lost track of everyone, but it turned out just fine.

Blogotography Credit:  Kruser

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