October 21, 2010

Little Jewel of the Chugach

Jewel Mountain beckons southcentral Alaska powder seekers to its inspiring fall line.  And while the Jewel snowpack is shaping up, it was still real boney today.  Kruser and yours truly were tempted, but the prospect of its sharp rocks and tremendous plumes blowing of Jewel's ridge were enough to convince us elsewhere was a better choice.  We scaled the Summit Mtn glacier and enjoyed its mellow line with surprisingly good snow.  The wind was gusting all day, blowing in our tracks between runs.
After a couple of laps, trudging back up Patrick's Line into the teeth of the wind was a daunting proposition.  Little Jewel was right there, how could we not try it? 
Little Jewel is an insignificant minor summit overlooking Crow Pass with a cliff on the south side and a powder field on the north side, just like its big brother, Jewel Mtn.  But, Little Jewel's lee slope has been catching enough powder this season to make it skiable.  And today, Little Jewel was a worthy alternative. 

Photocredit:  Kruser

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