October 10, 2010

Patrick's Line

Crow Pass, Alaska
The true Patrick's Line offered extraordinary skiing, very good for mid-winter, but extraordinary for October 9. The flat connection between Summit and Raven Glaciers was well-covered with a firm base topped with 4 inches of sparkley powder. And even more, 6 to 8" covered the north-facing permanent snowfields tilting down to Raven. Summit Glacier's low angle 'ball room' skiing was esconced in 4 to 8" of fluffy stuff that glistened in the sunshine. It fed our egos.

Last season was a gloriously sunny day, too, but we skied only the upper half of Patrick's Line because the inter-glacier connection was too rocky (archive).

mw pushed Kruser and yours truly beyond 7000 ft vertical, a lot for me especially with the hike in and out. It was great to ski with the old crew at that place we call Patrick's Line. Named for Patrick Hallin, a true friend and adventurer. He led me to Patrick's Line long ago; we wore leather boots and rode skinny skis. Patrick lost his life windsurfing Turnagain Arm in the summer of '88.

mw photocredit
mw framed Patrick's Line with clarity of purpose: the pursuit of powder.

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