October 3, 2010

Didlikama's Shadow

How many times have we made the Lane pilgrimage? Up the boulder field, frozen in the morning, sunny and warm in the afternoon.

Didlikama reigns over the Lane Prospect.

The ice has receded to such an extent that there is only about 450 ft vertical skiable terraine with the present 8" of new snow.

Didlikama is the name of the peak that overlooks the Lane Prospect, the Lord of the Lane. You won't find this name, Didlikama, on the USGS map, but the USGS does show a minor summit just above the 6100 ft contour in section 11, T20N, R1E (61deg 50.23' N 149deg 12.9'W). A group of skier-miners who held the claim in the early 1980's named Didlikama for what, I don't know. But, isn't it catchy, Didlikama? These miner-skiers were a hardy bunch; one of them, Alaska Magazine Covergirl Norma Jean Saunders, laid claim as the first woman to solo climb Denali.

In the shadow
Of Mt Didlikama
The boulder field inflicted its pain
Health care by Obama
Powder remedied all at the Lane