November 2, 2009

Summit Sunshine

With anticipation, we endured.

Summit's bergschrund was filled in much more so than our pilgimage of a week prior.

Kruser, mw, Doc, and yours truly trudged toward the sun. We were rewarded.

mw unfixed the heel.

Doc tested the crevasse edge.

Jewel was still lacking adequate cover, so we opted for Summit. There is still plenty of ice there, but still the recession of the glacier and snowfields are testaments to climate change.

Kruser tested the shadow's edge.

Doc farmed Patrick's Line.

Like most glacial lines, Patrick's is not steep or particularly difficult, but it has a style and elegance reminiscent of Patrick. After 25 years, I can still clearly picture Patrick's sweeping arcs gracefully navigating the crevasses. So full of life and ready for adventure he was.

He was a true friend with a lot of heart who pushed the envelope. One time too far, he pushed it and perished in Cook Inlet whose waters are fed by his namesake.

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