January 11, 2009

Turnagain Pete's

J-Rock, Brian, Jesse & yours truly made Pete's North ridge today. Very good snow conditions overall, wind-licked in places, and exceptional in ze treese.

The hemlock forest on Pete's.

From north ridge overlooking Pete's Creek, Jon ponders the turns.

Jesse enjoying the POWDER!

Brian found the untouched, untracked among the alders.

We were glad in the glades.

Alders always win.


Chugach Man said...

what? no TSF?

Alaska Jack said...

Yea, skins were great at the balmy 9 below! I wish it was 9 below now and not 40 above at Stuckagain! :(

No front range; resort closed. If foolish enough to venture elsewhere and lucky enough to not get buried, would get blown off mountainside - 115 mph recorded on Max's!