January 27, 2009

Max's Mystery

Solved. Thanks to Dr. Snow and his research staff, we now can answer the burning question, "Who was Max?" Mr. Marolt, of course.

Everybody calls it Max's, except the USGS who calls it Baumann's Bump. It's a minor summit with a nice overlook of the Alyeska Resort, Girdwood and Turnagain Arm. And it has two names.

It's not deeply philosophical like Mt. McKinley and Denali, Manifest Destiny versus the noble native. It's more like Wasilla and "The Valley", same name for the home of our governor, though the Valley encompasses more than Wasilla. Likewise, Baumann's Bump is perhaps grander than Max's.

Max's is the name of a ski run. But, it is also Max's Mountain and Baumann's Bump at the same time. Hence, this boring blog about who was Max? Well, Max Marolt is a member of the Colorado Ski Hall of Fame, 1950's US Ski Team member, and one who took a dare to ski what we call Max's, but the USGS calls Baumann's Bump. Max Marolt passed away in 2003 at Las Lenas, Argentina while skiing at age 69. He also has a run at Snowmass named after him. http://www.skiinghistory.org/colohof03.html

Mr. Baumann was perhaps not quite as distinguished in the skiing world as the Aspenite Marolt, but the United States Geological Survey named the mountain in question, Baumann's Bump after Ernie Baumann who served in the United States Army 10th Mountain Division. And Baumann was an early advocate of mechanized lifts at Alyeska after reportedly scouting hundreds of peaks between Seward and Mt. McKinley, or is it Denali?

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skiing the backcountry said...

Names are funny like that, i think each age generation has their own set of names for routes/mountains!