January 13, 2009

Backdoor by Headlamp

Finally got back on Backdoor Trail on the Salomon X-ADV 8 boots. Alpine touring over the past two weeks left no time for testing the new rugged touring boots. After a short readjustment, it came together so well it was hard to stop, and X-ADV 8's proved better than I hoped.

It didn't take too long to get back in stride. But at first, it really hurt; my old dogs had gone soft on me using those alpine touring plastic boots with no forefoot flex. And what a fast trail! Track was the fastest of the season. A very cold base after almost 2 weeks of subzero temps with a fresh 1/2" of snow that fell at 20F made an extremely fast track - a good test for the boots.

The Salomon X-ADV 8's performed better than expected! Only cranked a few dozen turns in the 400 ft vertical, but the turns came easy with the 8's, and the fast track was a great test. The trail requires some precise, fast turns, and the 8's had a solid, stable feel. Telemarking with the 8's was easy with comfortable control. The kick and glide was super tonight - I think the conditions were mostly responsible, and the 8's felt great on the kick & glide. Salomon hit the mark with the X-ADV 8's.

Weather blowing in. Higher temps were obvious with the little vertical I gained tonight. It was snowing at 800 ft el., graupel at 1000 ft, and 1200 ft felt more like liquid powder.

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