January 10, 2009

Abe's Trail

Skinned up Penguin ridge overlooking Girdwood. Starting at the California Creek Trail, then the Beaver Pond Trail, then up Abe's Trail.

Each trail is marked, thanks to the Girdwood Trail Committee. Thanks also to Carl for giving me directions. It was my first time up Penguin, and I hope it's not my last - very enjoyable. The snow above 3000 ft el. was a little wind-affected. Best snow quality to be found was in the glades of smallish hemlocks and alders below the glades.

An unusual perspective of Alyeska and Max's Mountain.

Weather moved in today, a welcome relief to the subzero therms. Above zero therms for visibility - I'll take the therms. The trailhead temperature was -4F when I left, and +9F when I returned about 4-1/2 hours later. Winds were high on top.
There were 7 other skiers on Penguin today, but plenty of room to enjoy the untracked experience.

The snow in the forest is thin, but adequate to descend.


Chris Scott said...

Do you thing this Abe's Trail would work for downhill mountain biking in the summer? I would push up and ride down of course. THanks for anything!

Alaska Jack said...

I haven't been on Abe's Trail without snow and I don't know whether it's wet, Chris. The Chugach Nat'l Forest office may be able to help.