December 19, 2011

Peak 4068 at Government Peak

Eruk, Lucy and I skied a late lap to 4068 where we found wind-affected snow, but no wind.  The winds of 4068 left mostly stiff, yet skiable snow above timberline.  At the Hatcher Pass Road Mile 10.6 parking area where wind effects were apparent, but not as obvious, there was 4" to 6" fresh snow.

The state gave public notice of a proposed land exchange with the Matsu borough to enable ski area development.  The exchange area is a sweet place for alpine touring, relatively safe and accessible. I have mixed feelings about adding a few chairlifts there, but have no objection because there are so many other places ski at Hatcher Pass in southcentral Alaska.  Funding the Government Peak ski area may take a while, so gaining chair lift access and losing touring country at Government Peak may not happen any time soon.

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