December 31, 2011

Max's New Years Eve

How do great ski trips happen?  Great terrain, great snow, great weather, great partners...  Great spontaneity might not be at the top of the list for things to make a great ski trip, but it was part of one today.  We planned a long trip in the Summit Lake country on an epic mountain; they call it Spirit Walker.  After we embarked on our trek to Spirit Walker, our spirits were drawn elsewhere.  Great partners with judgment, spontaneity, and unanimity elected a course change and we literally turned around to ...
Sunrise on Max's Mountain
As we made our way down the Seward Highway toward Summit Lake, we talked about the great skiing at Summit Lake, and the great number of great places to ski between Anchorage and Summit Lake.  We passed Max's Mountain, and we talked about the stability report for Girdwood:  bombproof, snow report for Girdwood:  heliquality, and the weather report for Girdwood:  about 20 degrees F higher than Summit's minus 7.  Why not go to Max's? 
Our Max's Trackses
Our trip to Max's was even better than we though it would be.  We had great terrain, great snow, good visibility, and great weather relative to other colder places.  J-rock and Nathanael were exceptional partners. 
We were nervous about the final descent through the northern-most rain forest and its scant snowpack - plenty of snowfall, but almost all of it is caught up in the canopy of hemlock boughs.  With blessed karma, we nailed a terrific line through the forest and popped out in the Girdwood neighborhood on Vail.  Max's:  a great ski trip on the eve of 2012's New Years Day.

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