December 23, 2011

Over-the-Head Anchorage Front Range

For skiers, Anchorage Front Range peaks are notoriously rocky places that occasionally are blanketed with great powder.  The December 23 front range snowfall was almost beyond description.  Skiers just disappeared in plumes of smokey white.  DP called it the best snow of his life.  Adrian, the Wolverine master, had never seen snow on Wolverine like it.  And it was clearly the best snow yours truly has ever experienced in the Anchorage Front Range, top 10% of my lifetime for all places. 
Adrian's Plume 
Adrian, Sam, Gus and yours truly made it a Stuckagain skifest.  DP skinned up from a not-too-distant neighborhood.  Actually it was a remarkable distance, 14 mile round trip on heavy gear, but not too far for Dante.
Dante's Alpenglow Shot of Yours Truly's "Best Side"

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