December 22, 2011

Fred's Place

I hope Fred won't mind that I posted his good work on place names.  Hap Wurlitzer has it posted in the Hatcher Pass Lodge.  I heard that the rangers and troopers use Fred's map for search and rescue because it's the best reference.  Fred knows the place; he lives there, that magical place we call Hatcher Pass.
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Eruk, AK Robb (by way of CA, aka RocketscientistRobb), and yours truly toured to Pinnacle Lake at the base of The Pinnacle.  We caught some precious glimpses of that spire as the snow fell.  We toured more than turned in the heavy snowfall, searching for the route in flat light on the shortest day of the year.

What a difference a day can make.  Yesterday was crystal clear as we rode the lifts at Alyeska in extraordinary alpenglow.

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