November 24, 2011

Magnum Thanksgiving

Returning to the place we were before:  Several seasons of seeking the untracked experience have passed since my last trip to Magnum/PMS Bowl, and it was incredibly enjoyable rediscovering its vaguely familiar features, and skiing the blower powder we found there.

PMS Bowl
Jrock and yours truly took the Taylor Creek route up Magnum, then over to PMS Bowl for a couple of laps among the glide crack slides.  We endured the steep wind-packed ridge, and booted the crux.  Trusting the weather forecast, we were happily surprised by sunshine and calm wind.  It was cold; temperature at the bottom of PMS Bowl felt subzero, but a layer of warm air persisted above 3000 ft elevation and the ridgetop breaks were quite comfortable.  Other than several old glide crack slides on south aspects, we observed stable snow.  Two other parties used the parking area, one went to Sunburst, the other to PMS Bowl via the creek between Cornbiscuit and Magnum. 

PMS Powder
The return home via Magnum west face skied almost perfectly in the setting sun.  With deep hues of blue and red swirling in that wondrous high latitude sky and alpenglow softly lighting our way, we floated down the mountain powder in a dreamlike trance.  We gave Magnum thanks.

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