November 27, 2011

Gordon Lyon

Southeast face of Mount Gordon Lyon has a very good early season snowpack, as good as some midwinter snowpacks on the ridge and gullies overlooking Hiland Road.
A couple of other skiers were on the Arctic Valley backside when I was there.  They were skiing way below my turn around at the lower end of the blue descent line.  It would be fun to ski all the way to Hiland Road.  Other than the South Fork Trailhead further up the road, I don't know if there is an easement east of Mt. Gordon Lyon and Rendezvous Peak to avoid private property along Hiland Road.

Grayjay sent this update map with Gordon Lyon access from Hiland Road - Thanks Grayjay!

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Anonymous said...

There is decent access back to Highland road system from Mt.GL by skirting south around Johnny and Birdsond Dr, at the end of Birdsong Dr is a well used public trail that connects up to end of West Rive dr. Just hit the trail anywhere south of birdsong, then head north to get you to the end of birdsong without any trespass. See map at;