November 26, 2011

Back to Normal: Wolverine

Anchorage from Wolverine Gully
Wind seems normal in the Anchorage front range; we get a really nice snowfall and then the wind normally blows it away.  Today's trip to Wolverine was normal.  Sam, Fran, Gus, and Yours Truly skied up the Wolverine Trail with two trotting dogs in cold temperatures, about zero degrees Fahrenheit.

As normal as front range windpack snow in the alpine, powder is normal below the front range alder line.  Snow in the forest and lower alpine was like cold smoke.  The upper alpine snow quality was pretty good, even though it had been worked by the wind for several hours.  But, the steady breeze above timberline had teeth and one lap was enough.
Wolverine Peak in the Morning Light
Yesterday's Tracks Blown In

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