November 25, 2011

Chugach State Park Wolverine Peak

Fresh snow, Thanksgiving, clearing skies, Wolverine Peak skiable ...
Wolverine Peak from Backdoor Trail
Backdoor Trail
Hemlock Gap to Wolverine Peak
Wolverine Peak Closer Now
 Even Closer and Sunny!
Setting Sun at Latitude 61 Thanksgiving Friday
Anchorage from Wolverine Peak

Snowing and Getting Dark, Time to Go Home
Wolverine Peak with its 4500 ft front range elevation contributes to the desception that it's really close.  It's one of those destinations that one can see for a long time, and hour-after-hour, it seems like it's never getting closer.  Today, Wolverine summit was just as far as always, but it was a rare windfree day with excellent skiing. 

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Dongshow said...

that picture you got of the sunset this evening is amazing. I'm sending that around to quite a few folks, nice work. also amazed at how good the front range conditions look in some of those shots