September 9, 2011

Powder Lodge de Farellones, Chile

Lera y Pablo put on a beautiful spread at the Powder Lodge de Farellones.  Cristian Schindler, nicknamed Lera, and hardworking Pablo took good care of our crew at our Tres Valle base, Powder Lodge with great access to the La Parva, El Colorado and Valle Nevado ski resorts in Chile.  We're very happy at Powder Lodge with its excellent service and good food - Cristian and Pablo made sure that we were very, very comfortable.  A few images of our abode:
Powder Lodge, like almost everything in Farellones, is built on a hillside.  My room (door open) is on the entry level.  There are two half-levels above my room in this section of Powder Lodge. 

Chileno Vibe
Lera, the Splendid
El trabajador Pablocito
A local
View of Cerro La Parva from El Powder Lodge


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