September 3, 2011

Day 2 Month 300

Three hundred months is equal to 25 years.  Kruser just completed Day 2 of his 300th consecutive month of skiing.  Each and every calendar month for the past 25 years have been witness to his epic quest.  Yours truly has personally witnessed the majority of these 300 months - my string is merely one tenth Kruser's - I made it 30 months.  The master started his string during mine, but I stopped and he didn't.  Now 25 years later, we're still getting down the mountain. 

Some pretty big mountains today at El Colorado.  Don't tell the Chilean cabarineros, but we went out of bounds for some fine snow and deadly cliffs.  Our stellar crew of Chick, Bob, Brett, Kruser and me discovered the magic of the 'Tres Valles' road run - officially banned, but totally safe (with some common sense) and not strictly enforced. 
Day 2 Month 300 Photocredits:  Kruser

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Dante said...

Looks miserable!!!

Snow has started to fall up high here. If things continue you'll have a near seamless transition.