September 9, 2011

Los Andes, Chile

An enchanting Chilean town just below the Andes cordillera spine, Los Andes was built on the Aconcagua River.  This river drains the western side of the highest point in the western hemisphere, Cerro Aconcagua with a summit elevation of nearly 23,000 feet.  Los Andes is a great base for skier access El Arpa and Portillo.  Copper mines, vineyards, and other agriculture, along with a little tourism and skiing, contribute to the economy. 

Los Andes, founded in 1791, has a beautiful plaza in the city center surrounded by shops, hotels and government buildings.

The people of Los Andes were gracious, kind and helpful.  It would be great to spend a little more time there, but our itenerary called for a move.  A few snapshots around town:

Incas Hoteles, our Los Andes abode is locatedIn on this boulevard

Incas Hoteles is a modern, very comfortable hotel, perfectly suited to our pursuit of Chilean powder.

Mall with Apartments
Womes Boutique

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