September 9, 2011

El Dia de Polvo y Sol en Tres Valle

The day of powder in the Tres Valle sunshine provided more untracked turns in a single day than I can remember.  Perhaps it was karma, because the day before we storm skied all day, and got totally lost at the end of the day trying ski home on a traverse the mile from La Parva to El Colorado in the cloudy fog.  We took a wrong turn at a critical juncture and skied down the backside of El Colorado - they fortunately were still running one of the two backside T-bars and we were able to get back to Farellones without spending a cold night in the Andes.  Ah, but the skies cleared overnight and we awoke in the warm Powder Lodge to the Tres Valles blanketed in 6" fresh snow.
Which way home?

We skied untracked snow all day long from the lifts of La Parva and El Colorado.  One might expect crowds at Tres Valle with its eyeshot proximity to Santiago with a population of 5 million people, but no crowds on this day. 

Where is Everyone?
Ski Track Art

La roca de La Parva

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