January 8, 2011

Rogers Pass

The Trans-Canada Highway and Canadian Pacific Railway cross the magnificent country of Canada at a mountain pass named for Major A. B. Rogers who documented it in 1882.  This pass through the Selkirk Mountains is well known among the back country skiing community, and it is a long desired destination for yours truly.  Here, uberskier Greg Hill recently completed his quest to climb and ski two million vertical feet in a year.  Skiers from around the world come here to sample some of the world's best skiing in awe-inspiring terraine.  Gord, Deb, Ken and Beth were very kind to show yours truly some terrific touring at Rogers Pass.
We found somewhat unsettled snow, in other words, BLOWER!!  The good folks showed this lucky Rogers neophyte Alaskan a great time at Connaught Creek's Teddy Bear Trees area.  A very enjoyable time, I called it; Gord called it 'sporty' and I think he meant not ideal.  The trees were tight with a few alders, but lines were there and I loved it! 
Rogers Pass Accommodations
Crossing Connaught Creek
Marching Up Connaught Creek

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