January 11, 2011

Back to Nakusp

Thanks to my buddies and friendly folks at CMH Kootenay in Nakusp, yours truly picked up another heli-day after some guys dropped out of their session.  It was great to go back and ski epic terraine with good conditions, a great group of skiers and excellent guides.  Starting with 9 skiers, 5 dropped out midday and our afternoon was incredible with only 4 strong guests and 2 guides.  Lead guide Patrick was truly exceptional; he set great lines, put us on the sweet snow and gave us lots of freedom.  This afternoon was very clearly the best ski session I've experienced in my life time, thanks to Pat and the group.  We racked up a lot of vertical, something around 31000 ft of the untracked experience.

Doc showed his bases all day

Patrick Not in Front
The guide almost always skis first, but with a small group that understood the line, Patrick let us go first.  His tracks leave the snow often, but I was rarely in a position to see it.
Skiing with Patrick was just fun.  He clearly defines the line, skis long pitches, and skis FAST.
Take a Bow, Patrick!


Dante said...

The "B-Word"?! This is an amazing trip. Now I'm really jealous.

Ken said...

Jack, Great to hear that the remaining 2 days of your trip "down south" were exceptional! I have skied down form Lookout Col to the Asulkan valley and it is "committing"!
Ken & Beth