January 4, 2011

Kootenay 1

Kootenay is a heliskiing operation based in Nakusp, British Columbia staffed by some the warmest, friendliest people you'll ever meet and guided/piloted by true professionals.  It is one of eleven heliskiing areas in the Canadian Mountain Holidays portfolio of premier skiing experiences.  Kruser cast the lure, and I hit it like a Northern Pike.  My third visit to Kootenay with said powder pusher started off like all the rest - EPIC!!!  We had a very nice group:  Debbie, Gordon, Lori, Geo, Scott and son Greg, Dr. Snow, mw, Kruser, and yours truly led by the esteemed Guide Patrick. 

Patrick also capably presented our orientation to all three of this week's groups.  We viewed our safety video, an interesting piece put together with excellent examples and extremely important information that stuck.  Then off to the heliport for instructions from pilot Mike and avalanche transciever training by the guides.  Then we flew away in the magic machine to the powder paradise in the Selkirks.

We skied.

Bowling Alley, Rim, Little Leary, Pleasure Center, Shotgun,

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