January 9, 2011

Illecillewaet at Rogers Pass

Kindred spirit Calgarians let me tag along again today on the skin track up the Sir Donald Trail to the Illecillewaet River headwaters above Rogers Pass, British Columbia.  What a wonderful place with an immense scale and fabulous snow! 

We enjoyed an established skin track well up toward Lookout Pass, and also enjoyed the solitude of having the entire basin to ourselves all day.  Snow was deep and trail breaking was slow going, but well worth the effort.  The men teamed up to push the trail a lot further up, almost to the pass.  Maybe tomorrow, I'll return and break a little more.
Ken's Close Up - always in perfect balance



After ascending the Sir Donald Trail and then diverging toward the pass just below Lookout Mountain, we skied down a terrific line to the Great Glacier Trail, and followed it to the flat country down low.  Gord navigated from the Great Glacier Trail back to the Sir Donald Trail for a return safe and sound.  Wow, what a day! 
Mt. Sir Donald

Middle of the Illecillewaet Basin toward Skiers' Left

Great Glacier Trail

It was just great skiing with the lovely Calgarians, wonderful folks.  They were so kind to set up the Rogers Pass weekend and showed yours truly some truly great touring.

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