February 6, 2009

Hiland South Fork from Gordon Lyon

From downtown, Arctic Valley looked like a white out. Even with the looming whiteout, the fresh snow this morning held a promise of some nice turns. A short day at the office and off to the mountain!

The place was deserted save Markman & Cameron who were maintaining the long chair lift Arctic Valley; moving the chairs along the cable a few inches to prevent wire fatigue and embrittlement.

Expecting low visibility, it was a pleasant surprise when the clouds and fog just disappeared as I changed into my AT boots. After three laps on the front side, I noticed some nice snow on the northeast face of Gordon Lyon - the backside that flows down to the South Fork of Eagle River.

It was a nice fall line toward Hiland Road on the South Fork. There was 4" of low density snow on a wind packed base. The base varied from soft to breakable to super hard and icy, but the fresh on top made it worthwhile and worthy of 5 laps (only one on the backside).

Upper reaches of Gordon Lyon's northeast aspect

Lower half of back side line.

Last line back to the car on the front side.

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